About Our Products

We believe in quality over quantity; our aim is to create beautiful products that are both timeless and durable; something you can keep and pass down the generations.

All our bed linen is handmade to order using 100% pure cotton fabrics. We produce them using the highest quality techniques in order to create a beautiful finish which will stand the test of time. All our fitted sheets have an enclosed elastic edging right around the sheet to ensure a snug fit which will stay in place with even the wiggliest of toes, and we use french seams for a lovely tidy finish.

On the site you will find our bed sheets grouped in to different collections, and we hope that there is something for everyone. We will be adding different prints and collections along the journey, as well as new products that complement the bedding, so make sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Instagram for updates and new releases.

Caring for Your Sheets

We recommend washing our sheets on a 30'C cycle to maintain the level of quality; and if tumble drying, we advise to do so on a low heat/delicate setting.


Moses Basket Fitted Sheet: 

These are made to fit mattress size up to approximately 68cm x 32cm. Please ensure you double check your mattress size.

Cot Fitted Sheets: 

These should fit all standard size cots up to 120cm x 60cm  but please ensure you double check your mattress size.

Cotbed Fitted Sheet: 

These should fit all standard cotbed/toddler beds up to 140cm x 70cm but please ensure you double check your mattress size.

Sleepyhead Covers

Our Sleepyhead covers are made to work like a fitted sheet which comfortably covers the Sleepyhead pod when the clasp is both open and closed, ensuring you get the most out of the product. We prefer our covers like this as it makes washing and changing your baby's Sleepyhead pod so much easier and more efficient, and we have had amazing feedback on how well this style of cover works.

PLEASE NOTE: These covers are not endorsed by or affiliated with Sleepyhead and are not the same as the covers you will buy from the official seller. 

Please make sure you are happy that the product is safe for use with your pod prior to purchasing.

Duvet Sets

Our Duvet Sets are made to fit a standard cotbed/toddler bed and include a duvet cover and toddler pillowcase. We use a fabric flap closing at the bottom of the cover for safety, as we prefer to avoid any potential hazards (it also means it’s easier to put on).


1 x Toddler/Cotbed Duvet Cover (150cm x 120cm)

1 x Toddler Pillowcase (60cm x 40cm)

Bedding Sets

Our Bedding Sets are the same as the above Duvet Sets, however they contain the fitted Cotbed Sheet to complete the set if you prefer a coordinated look.


1 x Toddler/Cotbed Duvet Cover (150cm x 120cm)

1 x Toddler Pillowcase (60cm x 40cm)

1 x Fitted Cotbed Sheet (140cm x 70cm)